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Do Glues, Sealers, And Supplies Range In Quality?

Do glues, sealers, and supplies range in quality? Fabricators use a variety of glues, tints, sealers, and supplies to join seams, seal natural stone, and make your counters look their best. “Are all the glues and other materials of equal quality?” That is an excellent...

Who Removes My Old Counters?

Who Removes My Old Counters? Potential customers often worry about removing their existing counters to make room for new. They ask, “Who takes them out and how do we get rid of them? Who disconnects and reconnects my plumbing?” The answer is . . . it depends on your...

Can Stone Countertops Ever Be Stain Proof?

Are Stone Countertops Stain Proof? A question we often hear from customers considering the purchase of granite, other natural stone, or quartz countertops is, “Are they stain proof?” The simple answer is . . .  not really. Quartz and properly sealed natural stone...

Why do I have to talk to so many people at Crowley’s?

Why do I have to talk to so many people at Crowley’s? As you work with Crowley’s to complete your countertop project, you will most likely have contact with one or two people from three of our four departments. Each phase of your job has a group of specialized staff...

The Aesthetic Differences between Granite and Quartz

The Aesthetic Differences between Granite and Quartz If you’ve read our article on how granite and quartz are “made”, (if not click here) you know that the processes are very different…granite is entirely natural while quartz is engineered. Those differences determine...

What is the difference between granite and quartz?

 What is the difference between granite and quartz? Granite and quartz counters have far more similarities than differences, but the differences are really important to understand.  If you are trying to choose and are a little confused, read on to gain a...

6 Keys To (Nearly) Invisible Seams

6 KEYS TO (NEARLY) INVISIBLE SEAMS  Fabricators love to talk about the quality their seams because that is what customers want to hear.  Some claim their seams are invisible. Are they telling the truth?  Can seams really be “invisible”? Well, if your idea of invisible...

3 Keys To Finding The Right Contractor

3 Keys to Researching a Contractor’s Reputation Many homeowners begin remodel projects assuming they will be stressed out and frustrated before the project is complete.  Some worry they will be taken advantage of.  Sadly, these concerns are sometimes well founded...

Successful Slab Selection

Successful Slab Selection Would you commission a painting or sculpture to display in your home without consulting with the artist?  If the piece was to be the focal point of your collection, how much license would you grant them? If you are like most art connoisseurs,...

Instructional Videos

to help you understand granite and how we work with it.


Not all seams are created equal. The Crowley’s method will help you forget you have them.


How heavy is granite? Very heavy and we have the equipment to move and store it correctly.


We provide a quick 6 day turnaround from template to install.


There will be granite remnants from your slab. Crowley’s has some great ideas of what you can do with them.


How big is too big for granite? We have the techniques to make it work.


We use high quality vinyl to create your templates. Watch the video to see why it is the best.

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