8 Standards of Excellence

At Crowley’s, we are committed to providing our customers the best possible experience. While serving the Portland, Oregon, area for many years, we have developed a very specific 8 Standards of Excellence that we live by.

4 Elements of an Excellent Experience

Prior to Crowley’s, homeowners who wanted to replace their existing countertops with granite or quartz were at the mercy of their granite fabricator. Homeowners were usually on their own finding the slabs for their counters and, once the process began, their kitchen was left unusable for 2 to 3 weeks after templating while the new counters were fabricated. To top it all off, the finished product was often a surprise as homeowners were rarely invited to participate in the layout.

It was in response to this situation that we decided on our company motto: “Granite is hard. Having it installed shouldn’t be!” We then developed our unique, four step, countertop replacement process which is designed to provide an enjoyable experience and the highest quality possible.

4 Features of a Fabulous Fabrication

Granite and quartz are the hardest materials in the countertop market, requiring specialized equipment and tooling. Crowley’s has consistently invested in the latest technology available for fabricating your granite or quartz countertops.

Unlike many other trades where codes and standards are established and enforced, the granite and quartz countertop industry is largely ungoverned and operates like the “Wild-West.” To ensure that the finished product is measurably superior to industry norms, Crowley’s has adopted and pioneered best trade practices in every aspect of the fabrication and installation process.



Crowley’s Granite Concepts…

1. Provides you with information and instruction on how to find the perfect slabs for your kitchen counters.

2. Leaves your kitchen functioning until the day before installation.

3. Invites you to participate and approve of the layout of your counters on your slabs.

4. Coordinates ALL of the work necessary to complete your project.

Crowley’s Granite Concepts…

1. Uses DIGITAL TEMPLATING and CAD systems to ensure accuracy of installation.

2. Uses CNC technology to achieve chip free and “almost seamless” seams.

3. Uses MECHANICAL ANCHORS to attach under-mount sinks.

4. Uses STAINLESS STEEL rods to reinforce and strengthen all under-mount sink counters.