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4 Kitchen Trends That Are Here To Stay

Did you know that, at one point in time, kitchens were actually hidden? It’s true. You could find them either at the back of the house, in the basement, or even in their own separate “cook houses.” Kitchens were working rooms, kept far from the eye of company.

But today? The kitchen has a much more visible role.

Instead of being a place delegated to simply cooking meals and washing dishes, the modern kitchen is a bold and functional area and is considered a gathering point for friends and family. So, with this new role firmly entrenched, it’s no wonder that homeowners are going to take their kitchen remodels seriously.

And, because you take it seriously, we wanted to help homeowners identify some trends with staying power. That’s why we’ve put together this list of four trends we think are here to stay, so your remodel won’t be outdated before the check to the contractor is cashed.


1. Smart Kitchens

Technology is here to stay. And, while certain technologies will no doubt be improved upon – like refrigerators that can keep track of your groceries as they deplete, or coffee makers that have your coffee ready when you wake – other technologies are quite sound in their function and design.

For example:

  • Smart lighting – Voice or motion activated, or lighting that can be turned on via a mobile application has reached a zenith of sorts. Any advancements to this particular technology will be much, much further down the road.
  • Smart faucets – We see these in public restrooms already, but they’re quickly becoming more and more functional in kitchens, especially when your hands are covered in breadcrumbs or oil and you don’t want to touch your faucet to clean your hands. Simply move your hands in front of the tap and the water flows.

2. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have been working overtime keeping kitchens cozy and inviting for years, and are easily adaptable to the trends that might change, like color schemes or cabinet designs.

And if real wood flooring is out of your budget, don’t discount tiling that mimics the look of planked boards. Vinyl plank flooring is a perfect example of a more affordable option that often looks as good as hardwood. This is a tried and true trend that unites a multitude of floor plans, and it doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.


3. Granite/Quartz Countertops

Nothing says “style” or “elegance” like stone countertops, and both granite and quartz are at the top of the material list when it comes to kitchen countertop remodels.

Granite is a natural rock that is prized for its strong, durable, and classic look, and quartz is an engineered stone that is easy to pattern and color to match nearly any color scheme. When it comes to a trend that has staying power and positively affects a home’s resale value, you can’t go wrong with granite or quartz countertops.

Quartz, on the other hand, is also stunning and durable. Plus, it’s one of the most popular countertop choices today.

For more information on these materials, download our free Material Guide.

4. Effective Space Utilization

Let no space go wasted! And by wasted, we’re talking all that lost and unnecessary “wasted” space found with the usual and customary construction of kitchen cabinets.

We’ve all had that issue where an item is too large to fit in a cabinet or, worse, the space is overly large and there’s no real, effective way for the homeowner to organize the space.

Sure, you can go out and purchase additional organizers for each cabinet, but when you’re paying for a remodel, you aren’t going to want to go out and incur additional expenses in order to utilize your new cabinets.

Homeowners today want cabinets and drawers that are made to fit their lifestyle and their crockery. Utilizing the space we have is a trend that will definitely be sticking around for a long, long time.

All one has to remember is Avocado Green and Harvest Gold color schemes to understand why not all trends have staying power. And staying power is important, because if you’re going to put the time, energy, and expense into a remodel, you’re going to want it to make sure your remodel balances out (or even comes ahead of) that investment.

If a kitchen remodel that includes new granite or quartz countertops is in your future, contact us for a detailed quote.

4 Kitchen Trends That Are Here To Stay in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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Save up to $1,000 on your project when replacing your kitchen countertops!

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Save up to $1,000 on your project when replacing your kitchen countertops!

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Conditions Apply.