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7 Easy (And Budget-Friendly) Ways to Add Value To Your Home

Are you looking for ways to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank?

Maybe you’re just looking to perk things up, and give your house a more cohesive and appealing look?

Kitchen - budget friendly

Honestly, you don’t have to choose one over the other. There’s no reason why you can’t do both! If you’ve got the time, and a little bit of mad money put aside for some quick fixes that pack a lot of punch, we’ve put together a list of seven steps you can take to give your home a facelift — and a market lift — without deflating your savings to accomplish either.

  1. Curb Appeal

Trim the lawn, plant a few strategically-placed shrubs or small trees, sweep your walkway, and clear off that porch. These may seem like no-brainers, but first impressions are everything. And, if you’re looking to increase your home’s value for a sale, you need to entice potential buyers into your home, not scare them away.

What does your home look like from the curb? That’s a big deal.

  1. Flooring

Are your floors carpeted? Is it showing signs of wear? There are several things you can do to fix that.

  • Take up a small corner and see what’s underneath. You’d be surprised how many people have found gorgeous wooden floors hiding under their old, outdated carpeting.
  • Consider inexpensive throw rugs
  • Get it professionally cleaned

But do not replace the carpet with new carpet! Most homebuyers will change out a carpet for a color scheme they choose, and the expense would most likely be wasted.

If your floors aren’t carpeted but are scratched and scuffed, get a quote on how much it would cost to refinish them. You’d be surprised at how inexpensive that option can be when compared to the boost in your home’s value.

  1. Storage Space

Closets can be tiny, cramped, and not very functional. Older homes are also notorious for having smaller closets and storage space.

Consider purchasing closet organizer systems for closets and pantries. This will increase the functionality of the space and make them much more appealing to a homebuyer.

  1. Kitchen Countertops

Replace worn out laminate, cracked or chipped stone, scarred butcher block, and stained marble kitchen counters with new durable granite or quartz countertops.

Classic style and elegance can be customized to your taste and style while also packing a serious punch to the visual appeal of your kitchen. Not sure which material is right for you? Check out our free material guide for more information on granite and quartz countertop materials.

While this particular update may be a bit pricier than the others, the increase in your home’s value will make up for the investment.

  1. Cabinetry

You don’t have to replace your kitchen cabinets to give them a pop of interest. Something as simple as replacing knobs and handles can freshen old or plain cabinets, at a minimal expense.

  1. Kitchen Cohesiveness

Mismatched appliances can be an eyesore. If you have a white dishwasher, black stove, and stainless-steel refrigerator, it can look downright chaotic. But appliances can be expensive to replace.

Call your manufacturer and see if they have replacement panels for the front of either your stove or your dishwasher. By making both the same color or, if you really get lucky and find stainless-steel panels, you can make cohesiveness out of chaos — for a fraction of the cost.


  1. Bathroom Maintenance

Sometimes something as simple as bleaching tile grout, replacing tile grout, or laying down a new vinyl, wood, or laminate floor will clean and brighten your bathroom right up.

Add a bowed shower curtain rod to give the illusion of more space in your bathtub, and don’t forget to hang a new shower curtain and liner.

We hope we’ve been able to illustrate how implementing small, creative, and relatively inexpensive updates can go a long way in increasing the visual appeal of your home while also having a powerful impact on your home’s value.

If you’re thinking of making some upgrades to your home that might include new granite or quartz countertops, contact the professionals at Crowley’s for a detailed quote.

7 Easy (And Budget-Friendly) Ways to Add Value To Your Home in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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Save up to $1,000 on your project when replacing your kitchen countertops!

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Conditions Apply.

Save up to $1,000 on your project when replacing your kitchen countertops!

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Conditions Apply.