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Sagging Window and a Quartz Countertop

March 15, 2016

Challenge of the Month
Aaron Crowley

Published by Aaron Crowley


*A Different Quartz Countertop *A Different Quartz Countertop


We recently installed Onixaa quartz in a beautiful kitchen. The customer’s excellent taste was evident in their product selection and the end product fit like a glove and looked specular . . . with one exception. The backsplash across the long kitchen counter was under a long window which had sagged at the middle over the years.

Now quartz slabs are straight and hard so installing the backsplash under the sagging window created small gaps on the far ends. We see this all the time and use a common technique to make gaps disappear.

In fact, we have not had a customer dissatisfied with this technique in our 17 years of installing countertops. The customer saw the gaps before our installers had worked their magic, and requested another backsplash with a bow to match the contour of the sagging window trim.

Not exactly industry standard practice but that is what our customer wanted.

We could have argued and perhaps convinced the customer that our standard fix would be invisible. We could have argued that milling quartz into a bowed shape could look somewhat odd.

So what did we do?

We removed the straight piece, digitally re-measured the bowed window trim, cut and milled another piece of quartz with the bow, and installed it. Why? Because our customers get what they want without hassle. We got to do something we had never done before . . . and our customer was happy.

We do whatever it takes to please each and every customer!

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