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The Aesthetic Differences between Granite and Quartz

The Aesthetic Differences between Granite and Quartz

If you’ve read our article on how granite and quartz are “made”, (if not click here) you know that the processes are very different…granite is entirely natural while quartz is engineered.

Those differences determine the tremendous variation of aesthetic appearance.

Here’s how:


Granite is available in literally hundreds of color selections and an increasing number of textures (surface finish) to choose from.

The spectrum of colors runs from tight-grained consistency to the EXOTIC showing wild variation and contrast.  Because Granite is natural and found all over the Earth, colors are constantly changing (sometimes only slightly and sometimes wildly) while providing an ever evolving and expanding selection to choose from.

Crema Bordeaux (click to enlarge)
Tropical Brown (click to enlarge)

These variations provide an expanding number of finishes too.  Polished slabs, honed slabs, and textured are currently popular.

Polished Slabs

A polished finish provides maximum durability.  The polish is highly reflective and accentuates the colors inherent in the stone. Almost all slabs available in Portland, Oregon market are polished.

Polished Slab (click to enlarge)

Honed Slabs

A honed finish is similar to a “matte” finish.  The color and variation in the stone is muted (but still visible depending on the particular granite) and the reflection will be minimal.  Honed slabs are available from suppliers in limited quantities, but any slab of granite can be honed for a fee. Often, honed finishes are requested for more contemporary designs.

Honed Finished (click to enlarge)

Textured Slabs

Textured finishes are relatively new and usually referred to as Leathered, Antiqued, or Satin.  The finish is achieved by using diamond coated bristles instead of polishing wheels.  The extent of texture depends on the consistency of the granite and the combination of hard and soft spots in the slab. This is also available to an added fee.

Antiqued Finish (click to enlarge)


Quartz is manufactured in an ever-expanding selection of colors because competing manufacturers are trying to gain market share and respond to demand. The top Quartz brands are Ceasarstone, LG Viatera, Silestone, & Quantra, but there are many others.  Each offer 25-35 colors that vary from the ultra-contemporary (Neon Lime and Bright Orange) to selections that resemble actual granites and marbles.

Quartz, as a whole, is consistent with very little variation in the color or “pattern” that is common in exotic granites.  But some quartz manufacturers are introducing veining that mimics Carerra Marble quite well.

Quartz, like granite, is generally produced with a polished finish.  Some quartz manufacturers carry a limited selection of honed colors, and to our knowledge Ceasarstone is the only manufacturer to carry a textured slab as of this writing.

In terms of the overall appearance, both products can have a stunning effect on any project as long as the counters both contrast and compliment the cabinetry.



The Aesthetic Differences between Granite and Quartz in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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Save up to $1,000 on your project when replacing your kitchen countertops!

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Conditions Apply.