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What is the difference between granite and quartz?

 What is the difference between granite and quartz?

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Granite and quartz counters have far more similarities than differences, but the differences are really important to understand.  If you are trying to choose and are a little confused, read on to gain a professional’s insight into your decision

It is best to answer the question, “What is the difference between granite and quartz?” within the context of the following 3 categories.

1.Functionality 2. Aesthetics 3. How They Are Made

This article will deal with the differences in how they function as a kitchen countertop surface.  (Click on the links below to read about Aesthetics and How They Are Made)

Functionality: the following factors relate to the differences in functionality

Scratch Resistance – In a kitchen application both products are extraordinarily durable, but as to how likely they are to scratch in a kitchen setting, Granite can be considered scratch “PROOF” and Quartz as highly scratch “RESISTANT”.

Heat Resistance – Like scratch resistance, the difference in heat resistance between the two products can be measured in degrees. Granite can withstand the HOTTEST temperatures kitchen appliances can produce without concern.  The hottest pan, dish, or crock-pot cannot damage granite. Quartz is different in that the sustained heat of an un-insulated crock-pot or griddle can cause it to warp, crack, or discolor (and void factory warranties). As to hot dishes off the stove or out of the oven though, Quartz generally does just fine.

Maintenance – Granite requires slightly more maintenance because it should be sealed periodically to resist stains. Quartz on the other hand doesn’t need to be sealed…ever. This fact seems to be the biggest factor when customers choose quartz over granite. Recently, with the advent of more advanced sealers, it is possible to purchase products that will seal granite for 25 years and provide written warranties from the manufacturer.

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