Who Warranties My Granite or Quartz Countertops?

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We live in the “age of guarantees” which is to say we expect our highly valued and highly priced possession to be insured against loss.

If the new car in the driveway won’t run, we expect the warranty to cover the cost of the tow truck, loaner car, and repairs to get it running again. If the car is damaged in an accident, we expect insurance to cover the cost. If we are injured in that accident, we presume that medical costs are covered as well.

This is true for our most valued assets too: from our homes to our health.

But is it true for granite or quartz counter tops?

To fully answer the question we must differentiate between the workmanship and the raw materials – granite and quartz slabs. We must further differentiate between the granite and the quartz.

First – The Workmanship: The work required to turn a slab of stone into a highly valued finished countertop is done by a fabricator/installer. And the only part of the finished product they can afford to warranty or guarantee is that which they can control… their workmanship.

This will include things like the integrity of the seams, permanency of the undermount sink installation, adequate support for weak areas and overhangs, and caulking for back splash.

Second –The Raw Materials – Granite & Quartz:

  • Granite: Granite is the epitome of “natural” stone. Blocks are literally cut out of the mountain and sawed into slabs, then polished. This work is done by private quarries in far flung regions of the third world where standardization, codes, and oversight is non-existent. The slabs are then sold thru brokers who then sell them to regional distributors who make them available to the general public. Neither the manufacturers nor the regional distributors offer written warranties or guarantees on the slabs of granite they sell for countertops. The good news is that granite, because of how it is formed in the earth, is HIGHLY unlikely to change, degrade, or breakdown over time and as long as a reputable fabricator inspects the slabs for obvious defects prior to manufacturing. In other words, warranties are rarely necessary or even thought of.
  • Quartz: Quartz is often referred to as “engineered” stone because it is comprised of tiny quartz crystals and colored resins that are compressed, heated, and formed into slabs.This requires a lot of engineering! Additionally it requires massive investment in technology so most quartz brands available today are owned by highly sophisticated multinational or public companies.The combination of science, resources, and marketing enable these producers to offer warranties and there is perceived security in their written guarantees and recourse in the event of defects.

    Unfortunately, fine print, red tape, and legalese abounds among quartz slab manufactures, and while they may offer to replace the slabs “if” they acknowledge liability. Most will not cover the cost of removal, re-fabrication, or re-installation. This leaves the homeowner and the fabricator in a very awkward situation feeling like they’re dealing with a callous insurance company.

So…the answer to the question of who warranties granite or quartz countertops is this: no one warranties granite or quartz to the extent many homeowner would like or hope

Information and appropriate expectations are the best insurance for your countertop asset. And the most effective guarantee is working with a supplier and fabricator you can trust, with verifiable track records of standing behind their workmanship and standing up for their customers when things go wrong.

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Who Warranties My Granite Or Quartz Countertops? in Portland OR & Vancouver WA

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