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Granite Countertop Colors You Can’t Go Wrong With

Natural light, natural wood, natural stone – these classic trends are making a strong comeback in 2018.

The combination of these materials and their neutral tones works together with natural light to give the perception of airy spaciousness.

Your kitchen is an essential space with many components working together to make that space both functional and welcoming. But the one component that helps set the foundation for any kitchen décor or renovation is its countertops.

And, with the versatility also gained through a neutral palette, a homeowner can’t go wrong when they turn their sights toward granite countertops.


Why Granite Countertops Make Sense

Granite countertops are one of the top choices in countertop materials for several reasons:

  • Granite is 100% natural.
  • Because granite is a natural material, its hues and variations can vary widely, making each piece truly unique.
  • Granite is durable and easy to care for.

If your decision to replace your kitchen countertops with granite has already been made, the next step is choosing the color.

Color Trends for Countertops in 2018

Trends and themes in home and kitchen décor for 2018 have been steadily moving away from the bold colors more commonly seen in Art Deco styles.

Consumer preferences have shifted to softer, classic tones and hues in varying shades and patterns of white, gray, and beige –– preferring these colors to act as anchors for other statement components such as an intricate backsplash, mosaic, ornate stove hood, or bold splashes of accent colors that can easily be swapped out with changing trends.

The good news is that these popular, softer tones and hues occur naturally in granite and are readily available, even with the higher demand.


Your initial reaction may be to think that these colors are too simple or plain for what you have in mind, but this misconception couldn’t be further from reality!

Granite has an incredibly diverse catalog of textures, lines, color variations, and patterns to choose from!

White – The most popular granite color, white is both classic and subtle. Its varying mix of minerals give it an appearance that runs anywhere from the classic and distinctive “salt and pepper” look, to a creamy white background accented by light gray and black specs, and even has styles that offer veining variations that run from light gray to blue-tinged to dark gray striations, making it highly versatile. If you’re looking for white granite countertops, the shades, hues, and tones are many – and you’re sure to find the right fit for your style and your home.

Gray – Don’t pass over the color gray because you think it’s simple or bland. Gray granite has unique, chameleon-esque qualities that offer everything from understated ambiance, to focal points, to elegant supporting roles in kitchen décor. With color variations running from soft gray, to blue, and pink hues, if gray is your choice, finding a style and color that compliments your new kitchen design is easy.

Beige – Probably the most versatile color choice on the market, beige granite enjoys a similar level of flexibility and versatility as white granite. Available in softer, neutral hues that come in cream, yellow, tan, and peach, beige brings a warmer and cozier feel to your kitchen. Unique striations and streaks of color can be used to further coordinate other materials such as cabinetry, flooring, and hardware.

Making the decision to replace your kitchen counters is an investment. Experiment with tones and colors, take home sample slabs to see how subtleties in colors may come out in sunlight, or evening light.

Think about your overall style. Are you a minimalist? Do you like to accessorize? What kind of wood cabinets do you (will you) have? All of these small questions and answers will help you find the correct color granite for your new counters.

Our free Countertop Buying Guide will also help!

At Crowley’s, we know choosing the right countertops can be overwhelming. When you hire us, we can help you select your slab, so the process is less stressful and more fun! And, once we start the installation, we’ll be done in just two days!

If you’re ready to replace your kitchen counters with classic and durable granite countertops, contact Crowley’s today for a free quote.

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Save up to $1,000 on your project when replacing your kitchen countertops!

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Conditions Apply.

Save up to $1,000 on your project when replacing your kitchen countertops!

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Conditions Apply.