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How Do I Clean and Care for My Quartz Countertops?

So, your sleek new quartz countertops are installed, and your kitchen or bathroom now looks sophisticated and elegant. You’re totally in love with the new look. You hope it looks like this forever, which now begs the question . . .

How do you make sure that your quartz counters last forever?

First, no quartz will truly last forever. However, with diligent maintenance and care, it can last a very long time.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you keep your quartz counters looking sharp.


  • Do’s:
    Do wipe up spills immediately. While quartz is slightly less likely to stain than granite, it is in no way impervious to it. Clean up ALL spills and don’t let ANY liquid sit on your counters for any period of time. Even water can create stains. This tip alone will help immensely in keeping your counters blemish-free.
  • Do clean regularly. Simply wiping your counters with a soft rag and some gentle, non-acidic soap can help keep your counters clean and catch those spills you might have missed.

Quartz Sink Run

  • Do use hot pads and trivets. Unlike granite, quartz can warp, become discolored, and even crack if exposed to drastic temperature changes . . . hot or cold. Play it safe and set that hot pan on a hot pad, instead of directly on the counter. Also use hot pads or cutting boards under electric skillets and slow cookers.
  • Do use cutting boards. While quartz does not scratch easily, it can be scratched and it happens more often than you might think. Invest in a nice cutting board and use it. Your counters and knives will thank you.


  • Don’ts:
    Don’t use harsh cleaners or rough scrubbers. Again, quartz does scratch, and harsh cleaners can cause discoloration. Don’t use oven cleaners or products containing bleach, acid, or alkali. Steel wool might be handy on your pots and pans, but don’t use it on your counters.


  • Don’t set cold beverages directly on the counter. Coasters might seem like a pain, but one of the most common stains on quartz counters are water rings. Make coasters fun! Find coasters that compliment your kitchen style and make them an accent piece – then use them.
  • Don’t place bags of ice or any other frozen material directly on quartz. The temperature extreme can cause quartz to crack.

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