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Can Stone Countertops Ever Be Stain Proof?

Are Stone Countertops Stain Proof?

A question we often hear from customers considering the purchase of granite, other natural stone, or quartz countertops is, “Are they stain proof?”

The simple answer is . . .  not really. Quartz and properly sealed natural stone countertops are highly stain-resistant, but not stain proof. Regular maintenance and a modicum of common sense is required to help resist staining, but stains can and will occur if you are careless.

“But the sealer manufacturers claim their products make natural stone stain-proof, right?” High-quality sealers can help a lot but our experience indicates that the very best sealers only make natural stone much more stain-resistant than the same stone without sealer.

Why would natural stone and quartz stain?

Natural stone is porous rock, some more so than others. The pores close when highly polished but, depending on the particular stone’s natural characteristics, there can still be some open pores after polishing. Pores draw in water and other liquids that can stain if not sealed with a stone sealer.

Quartz is a relatively non-porous manmade material comprised of natural quartz fragments of varying sizes held together by resin quantities ranging from “far too much” to 7%. There are no open pores after quartz is polished, so it is more stain-resistant than natural stone and will not draw in water. Sealing is not required. However, surface stains still can occur.

What can stain natural stone and quartz?

Liquids that do not evaporate (oils), red wines, concentrated dark juices like grape and berry, tomato juice, coffee, citrus products, cleaning products containing citrus products, vinegar, toothpaste, and anything with chemicals (409, Windex, etc.) can all cause staining if left on your counters for a period of time. Quartz manufacturer’s websites usually list the specific type of cleaning solutions they recommend . . . and those that will void their warranty.

How can I prevent staining in my countertops?

The best thing you can do to prevent stains is to clean up your spills immediately!  Do not let any of the aforementioned products sit on your counters for any length of time. That wine or fruit juice glass you left on your counter overnight my leave you an unpleasant surprise the next morning!

Also, properly sealing natural stone counters will help prevent stains. Of course, white and lighter-colored stone will stain more easily than darker stone so they must be treated with even more care.

In summary, quartz and properly sealed natural stone are generally highly stain-resistant. Both are easy to live with if kept clean and free of stain-producing fluids. To maximize your likelihood of keeping your stone countertops in great condition, check out these guides to proper care we’ve put together:

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